10 best museums you should visit while in Japan

Japan is the country to visit in case you would like to view some of the oldest and well preserved artifacts. With numerous national museums that reflect Japan’s history, anyone visiting this Island nation in search for its history cannot be disappointed at all. Japan boasts of more than 150 museums. I have decided to come up with a list of the top Museums in terms of the exhibition and global attraction.

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Tokyo National Museum

Its located Taito, Tokyo. Famously called TNM from its initials, was founded in 1872 and is the oldest and largest national Museum in Japan. This museum houses more than 120,000 objects, which include national Treasures and cultural Property. For artifacts lovers, this is the place to visit; I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the numerous collections of objects dating back from 530 AD. One is able to have a view of the following as you walk by; earliest polished stones, ancient pottery, statuette, Buddha sculptures, vessels and many more others. Don’t worry about language barrier while visiting this magnificent place, all the information is provided in seven languages; Japanese, English, Korean, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. This should be good news for those who don’t understand Japanese.

東京国立博物館 (Tokyo National Museum), Foursquare.com


The Edo-Tokyo Museum

This museum was established in 1993 to showcase the history of Tokyo as a city during the Edo period, hence being named Edo Tokyo museum. It is situated on the eastern side of Ryogoku Kokugikan near the Sumida River. Its posse’s state of the art architecture that is distinctively identifiable. Being large, one will require at least three to four hours with a guide to have a full view of most of what is contained inside. The museum is enriched with artifacts from the different ages of the old Tokyo city. A replica of Tokyo during the Second World War is what meets you after crossing the life size mock up of Nihonbashi Bridge. With 600 Yens for adults and 300 Yens for children, you will be able to have a better view of this magnificent place.

江戸東京博物館 (Edo-Tokyo Museum), Foursquare.com


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

This museum was established in 1955 and is dedicated to encouraging people to live peaceful lives. The museum was established to commemorate the 1945 Hiroshima atomic bomb dropping by the USA during the Second World War. The museum houses belongings left by the victims of the Second World War, photos and other materials that display the horror faced during the war. This is a show of the grief faced by people during the times of war. The museums biggest wish to all nations is the elimination of all nuclear weapons at all cost. In case you are a lover of Japan’s war time history, then this is the place to be.

広島平和記念資料館 (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum), Foursquare.com


National Museum of Western Art

It is located Taito, Central Tokyo. Most people refer to is as NMWA due to its initials. The museum gallery showcases art from western tradition. Having been developed in 1959, NMWA posses collections from Matsukata Kojiro times. The museum tries to encourage the Japanese and surround people to greatly appreciate the Western culture. This is Japan’s only institution that has been set aside to exhibit western culture and arts. If you are a lover of western culture, then this is the place to pay a visit. With great paintings dating back 18th century, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this.


Meiji Mura

This state of the art museum was started to preserve the buildings that existed during Japan’s Meiji times. It preserves buildings from Taisho, Meiji and the Showa periods and consists of over sixty historic buildings. The most widely known are the Lobby and entrance to the Imperial Hotel. Most Japanese view the Meiji as an era of radical changes in their history. If you are looking for a place to view the gradual changes in building sector, then this is the museum to visit. The museum includes structures from Brazil and USA, steam locomotives and even horse drawn carriages. Just for your information, this place is opened from 9.30am to 5.00pm in most days.

博物館 明治村, Foursquare.com



Opened in 2001, this magnificent piece of architecture is located in Odaiba District. The museum exhibits a wide range of items, notably, the seismometers across Japan. This magnifies the gentle vibrations that continuously occur across Japan. If you happen to be a lover of studying earthquakes, then this should be your first place to visit.

日本科学未来館 (Miraikan), Foursquare.com


Ghibli Museum

The museum was constructed in 2000 and its gates opened in 2001 for public view. A visit here will come as a surprise to photo lovers. This museum is a true show of the Japanese studio of Ghibli. Well, the museum is located in Mitaka, inside Inokashira Park. With its combination of modern technology together with traditional techniques, it gives it its true Japanese design. The museum houses the following, tri hawks, Mamma Aiuto, Catbus Room, Straw Hat café and many more other rooms.

三鷹の森 ジブリ美術館 (Ghibli Museum), Foursquare.com


Fukui Prefectural DinosaurMuseum

This dinosaur museum was built when a skeleton of a dinosaur was excavated. It is situated on top of a hill. On entry you first meet the Dinosaur World Zone which houses over forty specimens of dinosaur skeletons. On entry you have the pleasure of viewing reconstructed skeletal which will probably understand how big these creatures were. This is one of a kind museum as it consists of shops where travelers can buy necessities as they take a walk around.

福井県立恐竜博物館, Foursquare.com


Trick art Museum

The museum consists of incredible and fascinating artifacts and drawing that leaves each and every visitor with puzzles. Most of the drawings are based on optical illusion and posses the Edo times style of supernaturalism. Some of the exhibits in this museum date back to the Edo-era. This is a place to visit if you love olden time drawings that will amuse you with the accuracy and style.


Hara Model Railway Museum

This museum contains replica of towns with model trains. Locomotives lovers will be glad to land here. This museum’s exhibits were solely made by Nobutaro Hara. Most of his life was dedicated to making this great and magnificent model trains. He is noted for the kind of care and precision he used in making this trains.

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