Beauty of the Japan Travel Blog

Beauty of the Japan Travel Blog
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The internet is a beautiful thing. Gone are the days of going to the book store, only to be disappointed that they don’t have a book that really covers what you want. No longer do you need to spend money researching your travel around Japan. You can get it all immediately and free of charge thanks to the wide selection of Japan Travel logs currently available. Most of them carry very few ads, or at least few intrusive ads that creep around an ad-blocker, and you’ll be well prepared for your travel.


Pay attention to the blog validity

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Some of the Japan travel blogs you’ll come across were written some time ago, but still rank well in search engines. So be careful that the information is current, and double check with other blogs. Where possible visit the official website of the destinations introduced in the travel blog.


Expensive Japan

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Many blogs about Japan falsely imply that Japan is incredibly expensive. Actually, Japan is no longer expensive when compared to Western countries. Fuel will seem expensive to Americans, but cheap to Europeans. Food varies according to whether you eat local produce or imports, obviously. High speed trains and flights are expensive everywhere, but budget airlines now operate in Japan and foreign tourists can take advantage of the JR train pass.


The Rise of the Japan Travel Blog

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It seems that everyone wants to write a blog about Japan these days. Many have never been to the country and just regurgitate existing content. For many others, a blog, or even a youtube channel, is a way of staying connected with their friends and family back home when they come over to Japan to teach for a couple of years. As a result, many of these blogs all cover the same stuff; culture shock, language basics, lifestyle, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Japan Alps, Hiroshima and essentially lots of other mainstream ‘topics’.


Making money on my Japan Travel Blog

Making money on my Japan Travel Blog
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Japan is such an interesting place to visit and even live in for a couple of years, therefore it is no surprise to see so many Japan Travel Blogs. These days even more of them are popping up as a new generation hear terms like ‘monetize your blog’ and decide that a Japan blog is their way to earn a few dollars nice and quick. Well, not always. Many of these blogs offer very little original material and the more successful blogs are actually not even blogs in the traditional sense, but websites that spend tens of thousands of dollars in design and content creation.
Can you make money? Of course you can, but you’ll need high value content with some originality first. You’ll also need a social media engagement program to generate traffic to your blog. Don’t even think about copying content from other blogs – your search engine ranking will subsequently tumble. Provided you adhere to that, and ensure you have a lot of well indexed content available, you can start placing ads, or better still, start selling your own products.


Japan blog products

Japan blog products
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But who really wants a Japan blog t-shirt and badge? Well, next to nobody, so you’ll need to think more than simply settling on the merchandise idea. There are fairly obvious things such as language books and travel guides. However, we have to be realistic – there are thousands of each already. And, there are thousands of sites devoted to travel around Japan with entirely free information, plus dozens of Japanese language learning sites with free grammar guides and vocab lists. Monetizing your blog might not be as much of a success as you thought.


Good blogging value

Good blogging value
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While some people are happy to go into an empty room and speak to the walls, the idea for most people is to have others listen. Therefore it is necessary to create good value content that will bring people back to your blog to read more. You’ll need to be blogging regularly about interesting places to visit, and providing useful information such as the location, and contact details if possible. Price and opening hours can really make a difference for someone thinking of using your blog in their travel research, so add these bits of information where possible. Give your readers the truth and don’t forget the pictures – the easy way for potential tourists to decide if this is the sightseeing destination they are looking for.

James Hamilton

James Hamilton

From Manchester, UK. Lived in Japan almost a decade. Freelancer on sites such as UpWork, with experience in business, translating and education. Passionate about travelling around Japan.