“Genghis Khan restaurant” you have to know in Sapporo.

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When you say about Genghis Khan, you may comes to the history people of China, who was the emperor of Yuan dynasty. But in Sapporo, Genghis Khan is not only the name of the emperor but also the name of the restaurant. It is really famous restaurant that is serving the roast meat cuisine, which is the only place eating lamb in Japan. In Japan, most of people do not eat lamb because of the gamey smells. But Genghis Khan restaurant is really popular of their roast lamb. Let’s introduce the delicious Genghis Khan restaurant in Sapporo.



In this store, the raw meat will be grilled right in front of you. You can taste the delicious lamb meat with the special dipping sauce. The lamb meat is served from Australia, which is really high quality and tastes without the gamey smells. There are also served many grilled vegetables. If you don’t like gamey smells, I recommend you come here and have a wonderful meal.

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Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan Hall

This Beer garden is managed by the Beer company, Sapporo Beer, which is the most famous beer company in Hokkaido. It is like a big mall and provides not only the Genghis Khan restaurant also many good food. It is said that it is the only place where you can taste all of Hokkaido’s greatest foods at one location. You can have the delicious Genghis Khan lamb meat with special sauce here. It is really popular that many people come here all over the world. The websit can also be view with Chinese and English.

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Genghis Khan Juttetsu

It is at Susukino of Sapporo where is really hilarious at night. The raw meat will be grilled right in front of you when you ordered the meal. The meat here is absolutely large and thick. They insist their lamb meat should be high quality and keep at more than 1 cm. When you taste about their meat, you can felt its tenderness along with the flavorful dipping sauce. Here also provide person’s meal for who comes here alone.

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Lamb House KeKeRe

It is really famous store that many people know about it. But if you go there for the first time, maybe you will get lost or take some time to find the store. Bring a good map with you before you decide to go there. The lamb meat at the restaurant is used from Ireland. The most special thing here is instead of the sauce, their grilled meat taste with the herb salt. If like you like to eat the original flavor of lamb meat, you can not miss Lamb House KeKeRe.

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Higenoushi Main Store

This store’s interior is stylishness and elegance. It would make you feel comfortable when you come here to have a meal. Because of their interior, making it become a very popular spot for female to come. The raw meat here will also be grilled right in front of you when you ordered the meal. There is not only provide the Genghis Khan grill but also the usual grill. Depending on the guest can choose what they want to eat. Come and taste the delicious grilled meat and feel relaxing here.

We introduce these are really famous restaurants in Hokkaido. And they are just only the tip of the iceberg of Genghis Khan restaurant. When you go on a trip to Hokkaido next time. You can go to the store to have a nice meal and taste their special grilled lamb meat with the dipping sauce. It would be a really wonderful travel you have ever taken. Genghis Khan restaurant is something that you can not miss when you are traveling in Hokkaido!

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