Good Places for Dessert Buffets in Tokyo

Tokyo, is the popular place of tourism in Japan. There are many delicious foods restaurant and eye catching buffet. Many hotels and shops are offering the dessert buffet with seasonal fruits. This time, we will introduce the good place for dessert buffet in Tokyo. If you are the person likes the things sweet, you can get some information from here.

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Takano Fruit Bar Main Store

akano Fruit Bar Main Store is the famous store with dessert buffet. They use a lot of seasonal fruits to make their sweets. The most popular sweet is the Fruit sandwich. It is the combination of bread with cream and fresh seasonal fruits. You can feel it melting in your mouth when you eat it. This is definitely a place you have to come.

タカノフルーツパーラー 新宿本店,



This shop is famous with their pancake. You can eat the pancake with ice cream and the parfaits at the same time at a reasonable price of 1,980 yen. Come and have a relaxing afternoon tea after you go shopping! This shop provides not only dessert but also yummy foods. You will never get hungry because they even open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Sembikiya Sohonten Fruit Parlor

It is a famous store of serving various fruits and also has a long history in Japan. You can eat many different fruit all around the world in their main store with the luxury service. In addition to fresh and juicy fruits, it also service the tasty food like salad and curry rice. If you are a fruit lover, you can not miss Sembikiya Sohonten Fruit Parlor.

千疋屋総本店 日本橋本店,


Dalloyau Ginza Main Shop

Dalloyau is an old and tradition store. The founder was the French and established the store at 1682 in Paris. The store comes to Japan at 1989 and now it is famous all around the world. It is an authentic French patisserie. You can have the delicious dessert buffet at the second floor.

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Fujiya is famous as their dessert around the world. It is a long history company which was founded in 1910 by a franchise confectioner. In Tokyo, there are three store offer the cake buffet. You can enjoy the cake buffet all-you-can-eat in 60 minutes. It is really popular in Japan. Why not come and try the classic cake here?

不二家レストラン アルカキット錦糸町店,


Sweets paradise

This store is very popular that many people come in an endless stream. There are over 40 stores in Japan. All you can eat and drink just only for the reasonable price 1530 yen. The children even can get half price for 860 yen. It provides not only various sweets but also the delicious foods, includes light meals such as pastas, salads and soup. Time limits for buffet vary according to shops, from 70 to 90 minutes.

スイーツパラダイス 新宿東口店,


Hijirian Asagaya Shop

Hijirian was opened at Osaka in 1980. It is a bakery of offering the natural yeast breads. Here provides breads for your morning and also during the lunch time by all-you-can-eat. The bread here is different from the tradition yeast breads that everyone think it is sour and hard to eat. They make the bread become soft and taste delicious. You can also have a cup of coffee with that and enjoy the good eating time.

We introduce this shop is just only the tip of the iceberg. There are many desserts shop in Tokyo. When you go on a trip to Tokyo next time. You can go to the store to have a nice afternoon tea and being relaxing. It would be a really wonderful travel you have ever taken.

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