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Japan is known all over the world for its best quality cars. It is the 3rd largest automobile producer of the world. Japanese car brands are world famous for their cutting edge automotive technology, quality and exquisite designs. Japan produce variety of vehicles from economical compact city cars, luxury cars to stunning sporty ones. Japanese car brands have worldwide influence and are renowned for their precision, efficiency and impressive market approach. Japanese car brands are also very reliable. With its up-to-date performance features and devices Japanese car brands are among the best selling brands in the world.

Here is the list of Top 10 most popular Japanese car brands.



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Toyota tops the automobile word. True to its slogan ‘Let’s go places’; Toyota cars has reached each and every place in the world. Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda and since then Toyota cars have reshaped the automotive industry worldwide. Toyota has a long history of continuous improvement and with its Innovative technology, high quality products and services; Toyota is also known for its environment friendly efforts. Toyota’s full hybrid system is very popular in the automotive world. Toyota is the industry leader when it comes to hybrid cars. Toyota has something for everyone; from luxury sports cars to family SUVs. Some of the famous Toyota cars are Corolla, Camry, Yaris, Auris, RAV4, Prius, and Land Cruiser.



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One of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Honda was founded back in 1946 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. Honda actually started out as a 2-cycle motorbike engine producer and has created its own place in the auto industry, at a global level. Honda believes in ’Power of Dreams’. Some of their main cars are the Insight, Civic, Fit, Accord, CR-Z, legends, CR-V. Honda mainly focuses on producing mid-range cars targeting a large proportion of the population. Their continued research into alternative fuel vehicles like plug-in electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars is much appreciated.



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Nissan was founded in 1933. Its motto is producing cars with sophistication, style and proficiency. Most of the Nissan car has style and speciousness that appeal to everyone. This car brand believes in moving people, moving their hearts, and changing history. Nissan is the most famous Japanese brand in China, Russia and Mexico. Bluebird, Primera, Micra/March, Altima are some of famous Nissan cars.


Suzuki –

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Suzuki was founded 106 years ago in 1909 by Michio Suzuki as a loom factory. With Mr. Suzuki’s strong interest in diversification and consumer demand the company moved into the car production business in 1937. The brand is considered among the biggest car manufacturers in the world today. Suzuki is mainly known for its lightweight reliable and affordable cars. Some of the famous Suzuki cars are Swift, Alto, Wagon R, Ertiga, Celerio and SX4.Suzuki is also the leader in Kei-car (small vehicles) segment in Japan.



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Mazda was founded by in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda. It began as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd a machine tools manufacturer and entered the world of vehicles in 1931.In 1984 it was renamed as Mazda Motor Corporation. Mazda has given lots of engineering modifications ideas to the industry. Mazda Motor Corporation is well known for its nice, pleasant to drive cars. With their revolutionary ‘Skyactive Technology’ Mazda has taken a fresh look at all of the vital elements of a car like the engine and transmission to the platform, and redesigned them from the ground up. The sports car category in Japan is also well represented by Mazda.



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Lexus is comparatively a new player in the automotive world but with its quintessential premium cars it has ranked among the ten largest Japanese global brands in market value. It was founded in 1989 by Eiji Toyoda. Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota. Lexus make some really cool Sedans and SUVs and is incomparable in its class. Their slogan ‘The Pursuit of Perfection’ says it all. Finesse is their mantra. Lexus LFA is one of the best models produced by Lexus.



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Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of the popular transportation company Fuji Heavy Industries and introduced its first car in 1954 . The brand has developed a large Fan following. In Subaru high importance is given to on road performance and that’s the reason why so many people prefer Subaru cars. Subaru is known for its use of the boxer engine layout and Symmetrical All Wheel Drive technology. Famous Subaru cars are BRZ, Impreza, Outback and Tribeca and they have helped Subaru to retain its position in the list of largest international car brands.



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Mitsubishi is one of the oldest and is creating cars from 1917. Mitsubishi takes pride in its fuel efficient cars, crossovers and electric vehicles. Mitsubishi models Lancer and the Outlander established its name among important auto companies.



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Acura is the first Japanese automotive luxury brand. It is the luxury vehicle division of Honda. It was established in 1986 and setting new standards in automotive design and engineering since then. A refined sense of aesthetics and precision in manufacturing are key characteristics of this brand. This brand is mainly focused on North American market, produces most of its vehicles in the US and is not officially represented in Japan.



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Daihatsu was established in 1907 and the oldest Japanese car manufacture. Toyota Motor Corporation owns 51% of the company’s shares and is a Parent company to Daihatsu. It is mostly known for its wide range of compact city models and off-road Japanese Cars. Some of their popular models are Move-Custom, Copen, Materia, Mira, Midget, Mebius, Luxio, Max, Taft and Tranto. Daihatsu withdrew from European market in 2013; but is still one among the top five bestselling car manufacture in the Japanese domestic market.


Japanese car brands can be seen and are loved all around the globe. These car brands encompass many qualities that consumers look for; but what make Japanese car brands stand out is their commitment to quality and efficiency. Along with these qualities and consistently improving and adapting technology, these Japanese car brands have impressed many in every corner of the world.

So which one is your favorite?



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